Online marketplace for pre-loved and
vintage luxury items

My role


Involved in all web and app design stages from concept to final front end implementation

my role
Website Revamp

One of my major project was to redesign and implement the front-end of the website for desktop and mobile. The whole process took about 4 months before the site was ready to go live.

my role
Banner design

Every week, the homepage banners will be updated and new colllections will be curated. Collections are in line with holidays and events such as Christmas, Valentine's day and even Fashion Week. Below are some of my favourite banners, my main work revolves around choosing images from a pool and typography.

my role
seller app

Sellerapp enables sellers to directly add items to our platform by simply taking a picture of your items and provide a couple of details on the item. I was involved in redesigning the app to fit iOS 7 design styles and giving it a refresh.

my role
marketing content

Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt

During Chinese New Year, StyleTribute held an event where we hid items in the entire catalog and users have to scroll through the pages to find them and get them for FREE.

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