Finally everyone can listen to the songs they want

Feature concept build on top of Spotify


There is something about listening to music, or playing it with other people, that brings its own social buzz, making you feel connected to those around you. In many social settings such as house/dinner parties or road trips there is always music. Have you ever been with friends and one person is streaming from their personal playlist but you want to request a song? I found myself in many of these scenarios and whenever someone wants to request song, they have to constantly ask the person to find the song, and play it. This process is long and tedious. The users have to approach the person, or even pass the phone around, make a request, unlock the device and finally queue the song.

What if we users can just do it themselves?


The solution is to create a platform where users can connect to the same session and everyone can start adding songs to the queue directly from their phone. This can be done through bluetooth connection. Below shows the user flow for the proposed solution.

design consideration

I first started out with a design closely resembling how the current song list would look like in Spotify. After several interviews with users and gathering their feedback, there are some aspects of the UIs where users are most concerned with. Below shows what details matters the most to them.

Final Design

Inspired from the DJ’s turntable, the final design is a balance of user’s needs and novelty.
The song requester’s photos are shown on surrounding the disc to show who the current “DJ” is.


With this feature in place, the scope scales perfectly well with a small party hangout to even being adopted by businesses where restaurants can allow their customers to play songs that they wish. Music plays an imporant role in strengthening social bonds, and there's something special about sharing music you love instantly with people that matters to you. While music can certainly be played and listened to alone, it is also a powerful social magnet. After all, a music concert is one of the few times when we will gather together with thousands of other people to engage in a shared activity.