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02 Mar 17

My boyfriend

I do love my boyfriend but sometimes he is just too much! Like today... He forgot that we had made a dinner plan and left me waiting in front of the restaurant for 25 mins! Like really??? I don't think I am a high-maintenance girl but lately he has been really lacking in the attention department. I mean logically I understand. We've been dating for 2 years and everyone, from nosy friends to romance columnists, has warned me that attention-deficit from your partner is to be expected once the relationship goes beyond a year. I guess I could just chalk it up to the embers of our romance dwindling down at this stage of our relationship. Perhaps, I am even hoping that is the sole reason for his behaviour as of late. However, some part of me can't help but think that perhaps he has fallen out of love. And an even more scandalous part of me suspect he is seeing someone else behind me. If it is true, I bet it is that bitch Glenda, his colleague! She has been eyeing him like a piece of fresh meat since he joined his new company. I know, our mutual friend who is working in the same company has told me so. I am so stressed these days due to this issue. I haven't been sleeping well and I have lost my appetite for the last couple of weeks. I am even contemplating on asking this mutual friend of ours to spy on him but so far I have managed to debate myself down and avoid making rash decision. To say I am torn is an understatement. I am desperate to know the truth and yet I am still too scared to face it. Can someone please tell me if I am just being paranoid or being smartly cautious?

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