02 Mar 17

How do you de-stress after work?

I'm having a problem "leaving it at the office". I'm looking for suggestions on how to leave work stress at work. Thanks in advance!! :)

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02 Mar 17

Question about stress at work...

Im in a bit of a bad place at work and looking for advice... Kinda hoping that the STW collective will know what to do... I work for a very large computer hardware supplier in technical support. I have over 5 years service. I am 2nd level support for server, storage and low end managed switch products for EMEA. I am the level 2 for about 25 front level agents. The structure should be a team of up to 20 front line agents, two level 2's and a team leader per team. Those of you in IT support will know how stressful a job like this can be - we offer everything from next day to 2 hour engineer on site support and make up about 10% to 25% of world wide server sales depending on which stats you trust... About 10 months ago my fellow level 2 moved and I was left as the only level two for the team. At the same time my team leader moved on so I got a new team leader, my team also grew to 25. Basically everything was left to me, this has resulted in me doing 12 hour shifts, 60 hour weeks etc. I have not used any of my holidays for this year (I cannot get managment approval for any days) and generally I have been worked into the ground. On top of this one of the level 2's in a different team has a personal problem with me and has been very in my face agressive. I also foolishly reported a different manager for un-ethical conduct (messing with customer survey returns to get a better customer sat score). My company has finally hired a replacement for the level 2 that left, this is a very close friend of my new manager who has never supported servers. He finally started today so I am expected to be carrying him now. Three / Four weeks back I went to HR to say how stressed I was (crying on a sunday night with fustration and anger and leaving work each night shaking with anger). This is after 3 maybe 4 months of telling my line manager the same thing. The HR response was "suck it up or quit". My line manager told me on monday last week I wouldnt be getting a pay rise I was promised a year ago and that my mid year rating (previously highly valued or exceptional) would be a below expections as I have had interactions with HR. I called in sick for the rest of the week or I would have done something stupid. I left work again today so angry I was looking for a fight on the bike. My wife is really worried about me, I havent seen my mates at all this year and been out on the mountian bike three times, despite buying new rebas to replace my toras. I do nothing at the weekend other than sleep and I snap the face off my family. I think I need a bit of time away from work, but cant get any holidays. A few people have suggested getting the doctor to sign me off with stress but I am worried about how this looks on my CV. Is it a really bad thing? I have been actively looking for work but there is not much in IT in Glasgow Anyone been in a similar position and have any advice? Please?

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