02 Mar 17

How to cope with ADHD in a high stress academic environment?

Hello everyone! I was diagnosed with ADHD combined type about 6 months ago, but I've struggled through my college career for far longer than this. I've taken breaks and constantly almost failed out my first go around. I'm in my second round now, in a summer semester after my first year back. I've definitely shown improvement (passing most everything with C's instead of failing everything) but of course it's always a struggle. I'm in a top 25 university, majoring in classical studies and going into my 3rd semester of Greek and 1st semester of Latin in the fall.

I was wondering, do you have any good, personal favorite strategies to help with coping with a high stress academic environment and high workload while trying to manage ADHD? Any strategies dealing with studying language would of course be particularly helpful but, heck, I can barely keep up with my regular life anyway, even life routine strats would be appreciated.

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