I am an ex-drug addict who would like to share a short story of my life here in hopes that it would help others in similar situation. I have been clean for 5 years and everyday is still a struggle. The pull towards the forbidden still haunts me daily. Some days are easier. Others, not so easy.

If I had been wiser in my youthful days, I wouldn't have even tried. Like the saying goes, "Prevention is always better than curing." However, for those of you that are using and want to try to quit, please don't think that there is no hope for you. It might be difficult to pull yourself out from the hole but you need to find your saviour. Your saviour can be a person, a thing or even an activity.

For me, it is music. I've always loved playing music and dreamt of performing with my own band. This dream is what helped me out of the grasp of drugs. I couldn't play properly when I'm high and I sure as hell wasn't getting any permission to stay in any band when I constantly didn't turn up for practice because I was too fucking high to care.

I just want everyone who has dabbled in drugs know that it is POSSIBLE to break free if that is what you want. It is not going to be easy. I am not promising a walk in the park. I am talking about curdling on your bed, sweating profusely and having seizures cause your body is demanding that you poison it again. I am talking about facing judgemental gazes when strangers know about your past. But it is possible to enjoy the fruits of your effort as you are free from the chains of addiction. Free to pursue your dream and spend quality time with family and friends.

So I would like to end this post with a good luck wish. Good luck to all those who want to try to get clean. And congrats to those who have managed to be clean! I wish you luck and strength everyday. And hope you all had a happy CNY!

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