An online forum for mental health related topics

What I did

Design and full implementation of the website

Design: Logo, colors, typography

Website: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL


1 in 5 adults

Experience some form of mental health problem

50% do not seek professional help


450 miilion

people affected by mental health

Placing mental disorders among the leading cause of ill-health disability worldwide.

Millions of people suffer from mental health issues. Based on research done in the United States, statistics have shown that 1 in 5 adults experience some form of mental health problems. The number of people that suffer from these problems has risen over the past decade and is set to keep rising.


The name of the forum is called “Dear Carrie”. This name is to signify that every post is written to the system which is called Carrie as if you are sharing your problems to a friend. The name “Carrie” is used as it contains the word “Care” which is the intention of the forum, to care for people with mental-health related issues.

logo process

The logo of the forum is a combination of the alliteration of the name of the website. The alphabet “D” and “C” are titled 45 degrees are combined together to form a heart shape to show the “caring” side of the website. The figure below shows the creation and union of the logo.


Posts are categorised under topics. Search and follow topics that you care about.

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